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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Requalified for FREE Premium Services from Experts-Exchange

Many months of inactivity resulted in my free premium membership from Experts-Exchange revoked. Now, I have finally requalified for the premium services after answering 3 questions and earning more than 3,000 expert points for this month. I first joined Experts-Exchange since Sep 1999 and that's a good 10 years.

EE started off as a 100% free service, made up of several experts determined in helping one another, who were always dedicating significant amount of their time and effort to make EE experience a pleasant one. Strong sense of belonging in the EE community created an excellent base for sharing of knowledge. I got to know a few friends from EE myself. Back then, the number of expert points awarded for every question was in the range of 0 to 1,200.

If I remember correctly somewhere in year 2004, EE began making itself searchable on Google and had its business model changed with profit as one of their top priority. With the huge inflow of new participants, EE saw the business opportunity and began charging for Premium services. Once signed up, they are entitled to unlimited question points and with that, many questions irregardless of their difficulty levels are now maximum 500 question points. If such questions are answered and accepted with an A grade, more than 2,000 expert points can easily be earned. Many veteran experts are unhappy that their hard-to-earn and often took more than 2 years of more than 1,000,000 expert points can now easily be attained by the new rules of the game. My highest achieved ranking in EE Hall of Fame of 51st was overtaken and knocked out of top 100 in just 2 months. I ain't happy either.

My Experts-Exchange Participation Record
3,415  Questions Answered
9,081 Questions Participated In
25,899 Comments Posted

Current EE Hall of Fame Position 162
Best EE Hall of Fame Position 51

Expert Certifications

* Active Server Pages (ASP)

* Visual Basic Programming

* Programming for ASP.NET
* C# Programming Language
* PHP Scripting Language
* Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
* MySQL Server
* JavaScript
* Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
* Microsoft Access Database
* Miscellaneous Web Development
* MS SQL Server

Community Service
* Cleanup Volunteer

My Experts-Exchange member profile

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