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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 Logo Program - Compatible with Windows 7

According to a post on the Windows Team blog, it says about their Windows 7 Logo Program.

Hardware and software products that receive Compatible with Windows 7 Logo offer many advantages for our customers:
  • It is very easy to identify products that are for Windows 7. The logo will appear on packaging and on retailer websites

  • Devices that carry the logo will work seamlessly. For example, a digital camera will automatically transfer photos or a wireless router will easily be set up in minutes and you can add a wireless device to Windows 7 that has received the logo in seconds.

  • Software will install without worry. Applications and drivers are signed so that you know the file has not been tampered with and can trust there is no malware or spyware.
The Windows 7 Logo Program [via]

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