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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stock prices started this year bullishly

Stock prices started this year bullishly with most counters ended higher and volume exchanged significantly higher too.

Two particular stocks I would like to highlight are Epure International and Parkway Holdings. Both rose 6.578% and 4.436% just today, to close at $0.81 and $3.06 per share respectively. Of these two, Parkway Holdings has returned a higher percentage gain of 42.99% as compared to Epure's 28.57%.

I should not forget Mapletree Logistics Trust for its overall 24.91% gain inclusive of dividend gains, and ST Engineering (excl employee shares) for its 21.56% gain. Long term but slow gain growth of SMRT has returned me a small but reliable 9.71%. The only surprisingly weak Koh Brothers, hovering my buy price for months, has since only returned 1.92% gain.

Remain bullish and stay invested.

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