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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Passwords vs. Pass Phrases

I was browsing the internet on security topics and so happen to come across an article which discusses on the topic of "Passwords vs. Pass Phrases". I thought it is rather basic and intuitive for a security professional or anyone who is IT-savvy enough to be able to tell which is the better choice in the name of security, and of course Pass Phrase, is the champion.

The article, written by a Microsoft security guru Robert Hensing, is indeed easy to read and should be comprehensible to even a novice reader.

Passwords vs. Pass Phrases [via]

1 comment:

  1. rae -

    1)# limitations set by administrators do not allow pass phrases to be conjured as freewill.

    2)comparing same number of characters, "fuck me" with a space and "efukc!m" which one is harder to crack?

    3)if long phrase passwords are allowed, how is the database allowance to look? what about the potential risk of drones?

    4)passwords may be harder to remember, but pass phrases provide higher trend towards remembering wrong grammar. i.e "im ill" vs "i am ill".


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