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Sunday, December 19, 2010

More people going nude

It was reported that there were a total of 105 reports in first six months of this year on offenders going nude - one every other day. This figure does not include second half of 2010 and of course the 3 or more such cases in the month of December alone. Only last Sunday morning, an unidentified man in his 20s went to a 24 hour McDonald’s restaurant along Queensway to buy coffee in the nude. Last Wednesday, a woman paraded totally naked in public and even boarded a bus in broad daylight. And last Thursday, a heavily tattooed man in his 40s sat naked on the pavement in Ang Mo Kio for several hours before he was arrested.

Offenders were usually exhibitionists or attention seekers. It is the kind of behaviour that leaves me and surely many here disgusted. Are we becoming a nudist colony?

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  1. I agree that walking naked into McDonalds is probably exhibitionism - very few naturists would do this and those that might are seen as 'a bit strange' by fellow naturists. Mostly the kind of person who does such a thing would probably not describe themselves as a naturist anyway.

    However, there is a strange kind of collective misapprehension here, that nudity is somehow disgusting. We often here the opinion that "I don't mind, but what about everybody else...". A survey in the UK (not known for being liberal) some years ago showed that 88% thought nudity to be harmless with 40% actually thinking naturists to be "sensible" only 7% found it at all offensive.

    Germany have city parks where naked sunbathing is accepted as normal, all of Denmark's beaches are costume-optional, with only two exceptions (the reversal of many nations!) Other European nations have similar attitudes to nudity, though sadly not the UK. Their societies have not fallen apart, far from it; they enjoy much lower rates of teenage pregnancy, abortions and STI's. We studied 14 nations, arranging them in order of their degree of acceptance of public nudity and found that this was the same as their order of these rates.

    So it is far better to accept these people as harmless eccentrics and just let them get on with their lives as they see fit than it is to make a fuss about it. Only act against them if their actions are likely to actually harm to anyone and that would be true whatever their state of dress.


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