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Friday, December 24, 2010

MsSQL Delete Duplicate Records

This article shall discuss how to delete duplicate records from a Microsoft SQL Server database table. Duplicate record means that one or more fields in one record is identical to corresponding fields in a different record.

A simple solution but then often vexing problem for many.

For example, we have this database table

--Create my table
create table MyTable (
 ID int identity(1,1) not null primary key,
 Name varchar(20) not null,
 Email varchar(500) not null
--Populate some dummy records and duplicate records
insert into MyTable (Name, Email) values ('Jack', '')
insert into MyTable (Name, Email) values ('Jack', '')
insert into MyTable (Name, Email) values ('Jill', '')

To check if we have duplicate records, we can make use of COUNT() function and GROUP BY statement.

--We do have duplicated names
select ID, Name, Email from MyTable order by Name
select Name, COUNT(Name) from MyTable group by Name having COUNT(Name) > 1

From the above SELECT, we know records having Name=Jack are duplicated.

To remove duplicates, we can make use of the following to remove duplicates while keeping the latest.

--Let us remove duplicates and keep the latest (the one having larger ID value)
delete t1
from MyTable t1, MyTable t2
where t1.Name = t2.Name and t1.ID < t2.ID

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