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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The POWER of Patents - Paul Allen Files Amended Patent Suit Against Apple, Google, Facebook, and Others

After taking a module on Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, I understand the power of patents. Patents, though may be intangible, can be an important asset to provide possible recurring revenue in the form of royalties should litigation outcome is favourable to the patent owner.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen this week filed an amended patent suit against Apple, Google, Facebook, and others, charging that his patents cover technologies like recommendation engines, notification systems, and more.

If one were to read on further on the article published on PCMagazine, he may laugh over it, asking questions like how can such "processes" be considered as a potential IP infringement. As long as the patent owner can prove his case and the defendant is unable to find a prior art for defence, then the litigation suit stands.

That's the game of Intellectual Property (IP) management.

Paul Allen Files Amended Patent Suit Against Apple, Google, Others [via]

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