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Friday, February 04, 2011

Google Chrome 9.0 - Several new features

Google Chrome has released its latest stable version - 9.0. In it, there are several features and I shall list a few that are worth a try in my opinion.

1. WebGL

WebGL is a new technology which brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser.

Body Browser

The chrome team has put up a few demos that illustrate the use of WebGL - among them, Body Browser, WebGL Aquarium and WebGL Music Visualizer catch my attention.

2. Google Instant

With Chrome Instant (a.k.a. Google Instant), web pages that you frequently visit will begin loading as soon as you start typing the URL. It's disabled by default, so you need to enable it by checking "Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing" in the Options dialog.

3. Cloud Print

Cloud Print allows you to print from devices that can't communicate directly with printers. The first two applications that use Cloud Print are the mobile versions of Gmail and Google Docs. Like Instant, it is disabled by default. To enable it, go to Options > Under the hood.

4. Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is now open to all Chrome users in the United States.

A dash of speed, 3D and apps [via]

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