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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update Facebook from Google+ without extension

I posted a method to using +Agent G to perform cross post from Google+ to Facebook and Twitter earlier. However, the former method requires granting permission to Facebook or/and Twitter.

There is yet another method - making use of the unique Facebook mobile email address which all Facebookers will have.

Step 1: Find out your unique Facebook mobile address.

Go to This email address would look like this

Step 2: Create a new Circle and include the noted email address.

Step 3: Cross post!

Now just post as you normally would but include your newly created circle in the post and check the notify by email checkbox. With this option set, Google+ will send an email to the email address, thus eventually making a cross post on your Facebook.

NOTE: It seems only the first 50 characters get posted on Facebook.

» How to Update Facebook From Google+ (Without Using an Extension) | But Seriously...

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