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PRC video parody on Singapore disgraceful and certainly distasteful

The student who posted a video parody about Singaporeans has attracted the attention of foreign media. The student is believed to have returned (escaped) to China after his expulsion on the grounds of "gross misconduct".

As quoted on New Asia Republic,

A police report was lodged against Mr Wang Peng Fei on 24th July 2011 for allegedly uttering racist remarks against Singapore women in a self-made video clip posted on YouTube. After learning about the police report, Mr Wang fled Singapore and returned to China. He was also expelled by the East Asia School of Business for his act. Appended below is the translated transcript of the video clip.

The offensive video is as follows:

Appended below is the translated transcript of the video clip.

They say coming to Singapore is the f**king path to good fortune. Why is it the f**king path to good fortune?

You sign an indenture to sell yourself. Sometimes you sign away six years of your life, sometimes three. You graduate and you can’t leave. Aren’t there cases like that?

Is electricity free here? It’s sweltering outside and one wishes one could be topless but they wear sweaters at the drop of a hat. Here, they wear quilted jackets to the office. They wear a downcoat when it’s 32 degrees Celcius. Come see if this is the case in Singapore.

Singlish is a language on its own. For over 20 years, I have studied English, Chinese, Japanese and French and I can’t use any of those languages here. Mandarin, Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka, Hokkien, Indian, Malay and English have all been combined into a unique language [in Singapore].

Over here, they don’t say someone is plump or someone is tall. Instead, they say that he is “dazhi” (big-sized).

They don’t say “gongzuo” (working) but insist on saying “zuogong” (do work). They ask you every day, where do you “zuogong”? I’m a person of culture for heaven’s sake. I’m not a coolie. I don’t “zuogong”.

They don’t call sea snails “hailuo” but call them “lala”…no they call them “gonggong”. They don’t call clams “xiazi” but call them “lala”. [In China,] father is called “gonggong” and mother is called “lala”. How can I eat them?

They pronounce 3 as “tree”. The say “one, two, tree”. Just like how we say “chuiling”.

Instead of calling 3:10 “sandian shifen”, they call it “sandian lianggezi”.

[short indecipherable sentence]

When you take the MRT, you ask them “Where’s the subway?” and they think you want a sandwich. You must ask “Where’s the MRT?”.

Is this the first time I’m in a foreign country? When I want a taxi I ask for a “dishi” and nobody understands me. They tell me it’s called a “deshi”. F** that.

And when you finally board the “deshi”, the “deshi uncle” asks you: Where are you from? You are from China? China is poor. Do you have houses there? Do you get enough to eat? F*** that. Did your grandfather not come from China? He probably came to Nanyang to be a coolie. No wonder you say “zuogong” instead of “gongzuo”.

Can’t you see that I am so “dazhi”? Love is forever, being plump is just a temporary thing. I want to become the ray of light shining on all the fatties of the world.

Singapore is like a little United Nations. On this small island are people of different skin colours and different faiths. Here’s a fair-skinned girl showing her long slim legs. There goes a dark-skinned girl showing her white teeth. There comes an Indian girl showing her fingers [unclear section]. They have that smell and then they put on perfume. Am I right?

I say to the Malay girl. Why are you so dark? So…what is this…[checks something next to screen] Why are you so dark, with such pale legs, such white teeth, and you smell of birds? Perhaps you’re just good for bearing children. You have one, and then another. Are you unsure of your childbearing ability unless you go out with at least four children in tow? You’re giving the Lee dynasty a headache don’t you know? The Chinese here don’t even have one child, and over there, you’re bearing one child after another.

Although Singapore has many races, you should know how to co-exist peacefully. They cane people here, but it’s not S&M. You may be M but you won’t be able to take it. The first stroke breaks the skin, the second breaks the flesh, the third reveals your bone and by the fourth you’re all helpless.

Cigarettes in Singapore are ten times the price of other places. Let’s not talk about this for now but can you please change the photos printed on the cigarette packs? If it’s not rotting body parts, it’s dead babies. Even non-smokers get turned off looking at this.

As for the good food in Singapore…f’**k that. When I want sliced fish soup, I have to choose from 48 possible combinations. With milk or without? Thick vermicelli or thin? Flat noodles or skinny ones? Extra fish slices or fish head? Have some chicken rice. You can have chicken rice, duck rice, char siew rice or braised pork rice. Breast, drumstick or thigh? With bone or without? I’ll starve to death before I finish ordering. But Singapore is such a pluralistic society.

Wahlau! It’s really hard being a Chinese newcomer in Singapore.

» Did PRC ‘talent’ really insult Singaporeans? | New Asia Republic


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