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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buy Google Plus 1's

Like that also can?!?!

A new search engine optimization firm called Plussems is offering package deals on Google +1 button clicks. Plussems, which is owned by, is selling 50 clicks for $19.99, 250 clicks for $69.99, and 2,000 clicks for $359.99.

According to Plussems,
  1. All +1′s come from people with a google account that has been verified by phone (Phone Verified Accounts)
  2. All +1′s come from real people. No bots are being used!
  3. All +1′s are being given by manually going to your website and clicking the +1 button
  4. It’s untraceble because the +1′s are being given from different IP’s
  5. All +1′s are given dripped over a couple of days so it looks natural


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  2. You have to be carefull buying Plus One's though it's like playing Russian Roulette! One of the best dealers for quality Plus 1's is and they're giving away free quality Plus 1's all September long!

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