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Monday, July 11, 2011

KFC Malaysia Video Scandal

The following 2 immediate videos showed staff members of KFC Malaysia tampering with the food while preparing it. These videos had resulted in disgust among the Malaysians.

Director of KFC Malaysia response to the video scandals

» KFC Malaysia staff in scandalous videos | Yahoo! News

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for this article, which seems less of being a good, rich source of news, but rather that of the most curious form of disinformation that has been provided concerning the KFC food scandal

    Although the source of this article, and the contents being inscribed is no doubt in good faith, and should not in any way to be ascribed to be rejected as being with a touch of falsehood, but is it not perhaps by omitting to name the specific outlet where the series of lapses in food hygiene had occurred, that there has been a disservice to the corporate readership of this article.

    Is it not possible that the particular outlet, where the scandal had originated should be named so that the general public could at least know where it is, and thus avoid it in future? Or at least to be put on the general alert for there to be something amiss in the food that they consume

    Perhaps it may seem prudent to minimise the problem further by making a general statement, but in so doing, it will also have been as a corollary to have perpetrated a greater wrong to the KFC image in general. Just as there could have been the proverbial black sheep, there will also no doubt be so many other KFC outlets where the management and indeed also of good staff who are conscientious in the discharge of their work

    So to name the exact location of this offending KFC outlet will do more good than any irretrievable harm to the KFC brand in Malaysia, which has already should be certainly more alert to its tarnished image, and the dramatic steps it must make towards the restoration of its good name. Thus in identifying this KFC outlet then will thus be the right step forward


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