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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lousy Employee Portal

Come to think of it, the company I worked for has a very poorly done employee portal. The portal is supposed to make things simple and convenient for all. It provides one stop service like submitting claims for reimbursements, applying of leaves, keeping in touch with latest happenings, etc.

The company I work for is a multi-million or even billion dollar company but the portal it has is easily being beaten by any SMEs'.

Firstly, the portal has a landing page that carters only for 1024 by 768 resolution monitor. If you have a smaller or larger resolution, the wallpaper is either over-stretched or repeats itself. Thumbs down!

Secondly, the portal is designed and WILL only work for IE 6.0 or below. If you are using ANY version of Firefox, it ain't going to work. IE 7.0 is also not supported. The use of firefox or IE 7.0 will just put yourself into risk of encountering countless annoying JavaScript errors. Display is also not readable at all for these browsers. Thumbs down again!

Thirdly, the interface with SAP is extremely slow! The system just underwent recent change and I thought it will support IE 7 and Firefox but they disappointed me. Not only it remains compatible to only IE 6.0, it seems to work more worse on other browsers after the upgrade. Loading and connection to servers has never been so slow before. Thumbs down!

On top of that, employees are told to print out e-claims or e-Leave for submission. I thought the aim of doing E-claims / E-leave is to save the trees and remove the need of having to stack up piles of paper? Why make E-xxx but then make us print hardcopy? Printing using the portal is never an easy task. There is no print function to make printing friendly. What I did is do some tricks to force frames onto new window and making sure session get carried over to the new window. It's hard to explain the exact steps I undertook to just print a single claim but just know it's really unfriendly if not UNUSABLE!

I never like to login to the portal.


  1. Maybe the idea _was_ to discourage employees from filing claims or applying for leave? Then the portal has served its purpose very well :p

  2. But if there's a need to apply for leave or file a claim, we will still do it. Just that the process is "incredible".



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