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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

I just read an article written by Dr Lee Kum Tatt from his blog and I thought it's interesting.

Below is extracted from his 30 Dec 2007 post - The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Words are used to express our philosophy, our beliefs, our thoughts and our knowledge. For the young the pen helps them to pass examinations for a better life. Just about every thing we do depends on our use of words. Words can win friends or make enemies, inspire or upset people, create clarity or cause confusion. Words are written with pens.

Words can make us act to please or irritate, or to solve problems diplomatically without the use of force. The sword, on the other hand, is mainly used to threaten or harm others physically which words can also do.

Most influential people become what they are by the power of the word. Only “uncivilized barbarians” and modern dictators use the power of the sword to get what they want. To these people “Might is Right.” They cause the problems we face and upset the peace in our world.

Let all peace loving people show the world that we prefer the pen more than the sword. The computer ( the modern pen) is more powerful than all the modern weapons which replaced the old sword. Use your pen wisely, let the Pen continue to be your best friend to preserve the Peace we want in our world.

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