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Monday, December 10, 2007

Far Too Many China Born Players Playing for Singapore Equates???

2 days ago, I voiced out my unhappiness over Singapore sending foreign imports to participate in international competitions. There is a particular article in today's TODAY paper also raised their concerns on this issue. Can you imagine the almost the entire Singapore's table tennis team is made up of China born paddlers? Yes, we are talking about 7 out of the 10 paddlers are from China. And unsuprisingly, all golds won are from the 7 China born paddlers. What does this show?
A couple of years ago, we almost only heard of Li Jiawei winning. What about now? Even the men's team is doing a sweeping on the gold medals on the table! I personally this is a bit too much.

By the way, below is an article from 10 Dec 2007 TODAY paper. I don't feel proud of what's going on in Singapore's move in SEA Games.

Yet another China born but participating for Singapore gunning for gold. And this time round, Malaysians were beaten.

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