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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Singapore in Sea Games Korat 2007

No doubt Singapore is going to win more gold medals this time round as compared to previous rounds. Will I be proud of my own country Singapore and give them a clap?

Singapore's soccer team has grown stronger reason being we are seeing around 6 first team players born in somewhere else other than Singapore. They are bigger, stronger and more skilful than Asians. Many of these foreign born players are actually in their late 20s or mid 30s and they are still playing competitively in first team positions. SEA Games allows only younger players to play and I am not suprised to see Singapore struggled and ended goaless playing with Laos. The game with Vietnam, though won, was not something to be proud about. Vietnam scored 2 own goals and this benefited Singapore.

Singapore's tennis team is going places. Both the mens' and womens' teams are now dominated by China born players. I am not proud of this either.

Singapore's atheletics team is moving to this direction soon or maybe we are already there. With James Wong retiring from atheletics, the shoulders of winning gold medals now rest on our China imports. Though some have got disciplinary issues with the Singapore Atheletics Association (SAA), SAA still "keep" them. Do we have a choice?

Singapore's swimming team has lost Joscelyn Yeo - Singapore born talented and industrious swimmer. She is one of the most decorated medalists for Singapore. Sad to say, she will not be partcipating for Singapore in this competition. Our hope now rests on Tao Li - China born but am now representing Singapore.

How about the badminton team? The same old story repeats again!

Do I have to continue further? Just where are our Singapore born Ang Peng Siong, Tan Howe Liang, Fandi, Sundram Moorthy, Joscelyn Yeo, James Wong, etc? We are now hearing Tao Li, Gao Ning, Li Jiawei, Li Li, Xing Aiying, Aleksandar Duric, Mirko Gravobac, Daniel Bennett, Precious Emuejeraye, Shi Jiayi, Agu Casmir, John Wilkinson, Dong Enxin, etc.

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