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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taxi Fare For Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan

I got the below findings from Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore and I thought I should share them with all of you.

Taxi Fares In Taipei

Taxi fares are charged as follows:
1. Starting fare for first 1250 m, NT 70 (SGD $3.50)
2. Surcharge after midnight, NT20 ($1)
3. Calling a taxi - no charge
4. Distance fare for 250 m or 84 secs of idling, NT5 ($0.25)

Fare for 5.11 km daytime, NT157 ($8)

The new fares, which took effect recently, was decided by the Taipei City Government based on three proposals submitted by interested parties. The decision was accepted by the taxi operators. The revised fare was necessary based to cover higher operating cost, due to higher oil prices.

Observation: The taxi fares in Taipei are much simpler than Singapore. The fares are regulated and produce a satisfactory outcome for commuters and taxi drivers.

Taxi Fares In Hong Kong

Here are the taxi fares in Hong Kong (red taxi)

1. First 2 km, HK 15 (SGD $3)
2. Every 0.2 km or 1 min of idling, HK $1.4 ($0.30)
3. Call a taxi HK 4 ($0.80)

Lower taxi fares apply for travel within New Territories (green taxi) or Launtau (blue taxi).

Average fare for 5 km including telephone calling, HK 40 ($8)

Observation: The fares are simpler and cheaper compared to Singapore. There are cheaper form of public transport.

Taxi Fares In Singapore

Fares and surcharges
Applicable to CityCab, Comfort, Yellow-Top Cab, SMRT Taxis. Different fares apply to other operators

Flagdown fare: S$2.80 (≤ 1 km)
Meter fare
S$0.20 (every 385 m thereafter or less > 1 km and ≤ 10 km)
S$0.20 (every 330 m thereafter or less > 10 km)
Waiting: S$0.20 (every 45 seconds or less)
S$3.50 (0730 - 0930 and 1700 - 2300 hours Monday - Friday)
S$2.50 (all other times including public holidays)
S$5.20 (advance)
Peak hours
35% of metered fare (0700 - 0930 and 1700 - 2000)
Late night
50% of meter fare (0000 - 0559 hours)

Public holidays
S$1.00 (1800 hours eve to 2400 hours of New Year's Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Christmas Day, first and second day of Chinese New Year.
Should public holiday fall on a Sunday, the surchage will be imposed till 2400 hrs on Monday)
S$3.00 (1700 - 0000 hours, Monday - Saturday, except public holidays)
S$5.00 (Singapore Changi Airport: Friday - Sunday from 1700 to 0000 hours)
S$3.00 (Singapore Changi Airport: all other times)
S$3.00 (Seletar Airport)
S$2.00 (Singapore Expo)

Higher flag-down rates for certain models.

All Electronic Road Pricing charges incurred on the trip are to be borne by the customer. An additional 10% administrative charge on the total fare is also incurred when payment is made on credit or charge cards. Higher fares apply for premium taxi services that employ premium vehicles, such as CityCab's Presido and MaxiCab, Yellow-Top Cab's Sovereign limousines, SMRT's Prestige and London Taxi and Airport Transfer service, and so on.

Observation: Singapore must win the award for the most complicated taxi fare structure in the world.


  1. maybe we should write and tell the guinness book of records about this "the most complex taxi fare system in the world" and dare any other countries to break it.

    uniquely singapore?

  2. That's no easy feat.. that's also why we need millionaire$$$ MoneyStars....oops, I mean come up with such complicated nonsense. Hey, but their own salary calculation is much simpler though...

  3. I think it’s a blessing for those who are running a limousine service business in Singapore. I get more bookings recently and this could be due to the recent taxi fare restructure. Many people are more comfortable when they can know the exact price or charges that they are supposed to pay before the journey.

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  6. Huang in Taichung, Taiwan9:47 PM, May 27, 2009

    Taxi Fares In Taichung / Taiwan:

    1. Starting fare : NT 85 for first 1250 m,
    2. Peak hours : 20% of metered fare (22:00~06:00)
    3. Idling : 84 Seconds

  7. Taxi Fares In Taichung / Taiwan:

    1. Starting fare : NT 85 for first 1250 m,
    2. Peak hours : 20% of metered fare (22:00~06:00)
    3. Idling : 84 Seconds

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  12. Recent entry into force, the new fares, the decision by the Taipei City Government under the three proposals submitted by the parties concerned. This decision was accepted by the taxi operators. Based on the revised fares to cover higher operating costs, due to high oil prices necessary.

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