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Friday, December 07, 2007

Quotes from Qian Hu Corporation

I recently received a X'Mas greeting card and a Year 2008 calendar from Qian Hu Corporation Limited. I shall quote Qian Hu's quotes from the calendar.

Do more than what you say, better yet, do more than what you think!

If you only stay in your toilet, you will only see your own shit!

Before you learn to run a business, learn how to have humanity!

In order to be "UNIQUE", you must be yourself. Because there is only one "YOU" in this world!

Professionalism without passion is nothing!

People recognize and respect you for what you have done and what you are going to do, but never what you have said!

Good individual will perish one day, but Good Family Values and Corporate Culture will last forever!

Jealousy makes you upset and learn less!

Talk when you know and shut-up when you do not know, but have the wisdom to see the differences!
您懂的东西, 不懂就别乱奖。更重要的是有这个智慧去分辨它们的不同

Talk more about others' strength! Think less about others' weaknesses!

Mix around with Angels, you will become Angel! Mix around with Devils, you will become Devil!

You are not happy because you compare with the wrong person!

Qian Hu's Corporate Website

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