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Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Hard Reset HP iPAQ 112 Classic?

I consulted a HP technical customer service officer to enquire on how to perform a hard reset on HP iPAQ 112 Classic. They told me there's no hard reset for HP iPAQ 112 Classic.

End up, I found a method to perform a hard reset from the Internet. Below is how to do it.

To hard reset a HP iPAQ 112
  1. Press Win + OK + Record together
  2. While doing that, press reset button and hold for 3-4 seconds
  3. Release reset
  4. Release buttons

The screen shows "CLEAN REBOOT".


  1. Hi

    My iPaq has been hanging on the start-up screen the blue/white one.

    I performed the operation you describe and it indeed comes up with the words "clean boot"(which weren't there before) but the device is still stalled on the start-up screen.

    Any ideas?

  2. Marcin,

    I suggest you contact HP technical support and see if there's a solution. You can give them my blog link

    If your PDA is still under warranty, send it for servicing.


  3. Marcin, My iPAQ 112 has the exact same problem. It won't boot.
    I tried a Hard reset, but the words "Clean Boot" do not appear.

    Let us know how you go and if you have any luck getting your device to work again.

  4. Anonymous,

    Marcin's problem is slightly different from yours. He is seeing the "Clean Reboot" word but not you.


  5. I took it back to the place i bought it from and they replaced it without even trying to fix it.

    So far the replacement has behaved itself...

  6. Perhaps HP does not even know how to fix it.


  7. i perform this hard reset (also described to me by HP) and all my owner info still remains on the ipaq...

    isnt it supposed to completely erase everything?

  8. I tried the hard reset and it didn't work. I ended up manually deleting everything.

  9. I have used many different HPs. Many times it is different combinations of keys to do a hard reset and many times it is not as per the documentation or what their support says. I am trying to hard reset a 112 but cannot remember how i did it. It is soooo annoying

  10. thank you so much


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