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Friday, June 27, 2008

How to Redeem POSB Everyday Card Dollars?

There are 2 methods in doing POSB Everyday Card dollars redemption.

The first method is to redeem them when you make a purchase using your Everyday credit card at one of its participating merchants. I am not in favour in this method because you will not be able to enjoy cash rebates from the current transaction if you choose to make redemption to offset current purchase, thereby losing some percentages. This is the catch.

The second method is to redeem it to offset your outstanding credit card bill. This can only be done using internet banking and amount to redeem must be in blocks of $5. I am in favour in this method since 100% of dollars redeemed are capitalised to offset my bill. There is no loss.


  1. HAHAHA...another informative post!!! I was suspecting if I m not entitled to the cash rebate for the current transaction if i make the first attempt u mentioned.

    Can I copy n paste some of ur posts to my blog as well? To educate my frens.. hahaha


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