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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Suggestions to 3 Singapore Telcos

I need a mobile phone without a camera and one will think finding what are the phones that satisfy my simple requirement would have been easy especially in a Internet-savvy country that emphasize so strongly on service like Singapore. However, the local telcos prove it wrong.

From the websites of all 3 telcos, namely Singnet, Starhub, and M1, none provide search capability to exclude features. Only include feature is available. Any developer will know it is not tough to add an exclude feature. It is merely doing a negation operation. Sad to say, none of the telcos seem interested to provide this basic feature. Could the reason be because the market who are going for non-camera phones too small?

A trip down to the telcos branches often end up hearing "phone out of stock" or "sorry, I think only XXX is without camera" answer. Same question on which phones are without camera often give different answers. Staff are not trained and are unaware of these types of phones.

This group of people should not be neglected.

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