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Monday, June 30, 2008

Starhub Network Signal Reception Puzzling

I recently switched from telco M1 to Starhub. I had been with M1 ever since I first used a mobile phone, that's around 10 years back. I must give credit to them on their better than average coverage. IMHO, M1 could be the best among the 3 telcos in Singapore, beating Singtel and Starhub. If not for their more expensive plans and their don't-care attitude in even attempting to retain me, a long serving customer, I wouldn't have ditched them.

I am now giving my personal opinion on Starhub coverage. Using Starhub, I am now seeing no network signal at my workplace. This never happened with M1. Few minutes ago, I witnessed an even more unbelievable fact. My phone actually auto roamed to "Maxis" network. Maxis is a mobile operator from Malaysia. It just doesn't make sense roaming to Malaysia especially when I stay in Ang Mo Kio, an area definitely not near the borders.

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