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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Verdict On Service Level of the 3 Telcos

On 17th June evening, I sent individual email to Singtel, Starhub and M1 to request for a list of all non-camera phones with bluetooth features they have with their price list. I mentioned their customer service officers gave me inconsistent answers and some even recommended phones that are no longer in their catalogue. In the email, I left my contact number and told them to call me if they see the need.

M1 was the first to contact me and they did it before 10am. From them, only Nokia E51 suits me. Starhub was the next to call. The same answer was made. Singtel chose to reply me by email but failed to apologize. E51 was the answer.

Though some Blackberry phones do satisfy my requirements, I am not interested in them. I already have a PDA running Windows Mobile 6.0 and so does not wish to own another expensive gadget that conflicts with my PDA. Yes, cost is my other requirement.

I rate M1 and Starhub positively but Singtel negatively.

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