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Monday, June 02, 2008

Is Singapore Soccer Team Worthy of a World Cup Place?

Is Singapore soccer team worthy of a World Cup place? I says NO!

I must say I am very surprised to see Singapore soccer team to have made it so far at the current stage. Can Singapore fulfill her ambitious dream in World up 2010 qualification? Can they beat Uzebektistan tonight and keep their hopes alive?

I shall give my views on the current squad. I personally feels there are far too many foreign born players turned Singapore citizens donning Singapore colours. If there are no talents in Singapore, then so be it. Either the government reward sportsmen better or just accept the fact that we just need more time. We shouldn't be taking shortcuts and get ourselves criticised.

I quote Uzebektistan's national coach below.

"The Singapore team have changed very much in the last couple of years, and with the nationalised foreign players in the team they are a different proposition. Singapore are more like a selection of the best players in a league than a national team and I have been impressed with the way they play."

No wonder the Kallang hardly roars these days.

The same situation is happening in our table tennis team. If I an remember correctly, there will soon be a cap on the number of foreign born imports in any competition.


  1. Uzebektistan thumped Singapore 7-3.

  2. two years on, the same question surfaces:


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