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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am a Hubber

Decision is made and executed. I have finally ditched M1 after almost 10 years with them. Loyalty does not pay off in this case. M1 did not even made any attempts to keep me. One officer actually directed me how to do full number switching.

I am now a hubber and am definitely very much better off. My monthly subscription for my new Starhub line is at slightly less than $20 as compared to M1's $22.26. First 6 months mobile subscription and data plan subscription are waived.

I just got a Nokia N95 at $368 from my new line. Regine will be paying for it to replace her newly bought Sony Ecrisson G900. The 1 week old SE G900 phone will be sold to the public at a reasonable market price. I will be posting an ad for the sale in a day or two time. I personally prefer the Nokia phone but just too bad I cannot hold a camera phone. So will I end up still using my more than 3 years old antique phone?


  1. why sell off the SE G900? No good is it?? :P

  2. We still prefer and used to Nokia :)

  3. And I think it's more to own preference. An example is I personally prefer holding onto a PDA with Windows Mobile to one with Symbian OS. Partly is because I can write own apps in .NET better than on other platforms.

    1 word - personal preference.



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