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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Google Android leapfrogs Apple iOS in U.S. mobile OS market share

Android has been gaining steam in the mobile market recently, and new data from comScore says it has surpassed Apple to become the number two operating system in the U.S since November 2010 for the first time.
comScore: November 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share
Android gained 6.4 percent to snag 26 percent of the market and Apple trailed close behind with 25 percent after gaining a smaller 0.8 percent. RIM's BlackBerry is still the number one platform, capturing 33.5 percent of the market, however, this is a decline by 4.1 percent as compared to August 2010.

In a different report by Nielsen on the same period, it was found that Apple iOS is ranked top, followed by Google Android and RIM BlackBerry. However, this is with Android closing in at a faster pace than iOS's increase. In that report, BlackBerry is seen declining.

Trend by comScore and Nielsen conclude that Google Android is increasing at a much faster pace than Applie iOS and RIM BlackBerry dominance in the U.S. market is over.

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