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Friday, July 02, 2010

New transport fare to kick in from tomorrow, 3 Jul 2010

From tomorrow 3 Jul 2010 onwards, the new so-called "cheaper" transport fare will be in place. This new transport fare calculation is based on Pay-by-distance concept - longer distance travelled constitute to a higher fare.

According to the Public Transport Council (PTC), the introduction of the new Distance Fares formula is expected to have an impact of 2.5% fare reduction.

Summary on the changes
  • Fares will be reduced by 2.5% from 3 July 2010
  • The 15-month fare discount of 3% will end on 2 July 2010
  • No more transfer rebates

The question I believe everyone is asking is if the change really bring about cheaper transport fare. A short study by the National Solidarity Party’s revealed that many travels resulted in a higher fares.

At least this is happening to me as well.

Distance-based fare: An outrageous hike in disguise, says NSP [via]

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