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Friday, January 07, 2011

Singapore scored low in Open Government; CNA reported justice system top in global survey

According to a survey by the World Justice Project, Singapore was ranked 20 out of 35 countries in the high income group for open government, and was ranked 6 out of 7 in the East Asia and Pacific region.

Aggregate scores by factor for Singapore in comparison with its regional and socioeconomic peers
Breakdown scores for individual factors showed Singapore failed in many, e.g. Singapore was ranked 11 out of 11 on Open Government and Fundamental Rights. In area of Access to Civil Justice, Singapore emerged top.

Are the findings by the World Justice Project reported? Yes and on Channel Newsasia but only the No 1 area on Access to Civil Justice was reported. (“S’pore justice system top in global survey”, CNA Jan 7 2011). The rest of the lowly ranked categories were never mentioned.

You can read the neutral survey report here (pdf).

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