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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Apple iPad 2: 10 Big Questions

Apple iPad 2: 10 Big Questions or 10 Big Jokes (to me)?
  1. Why No Memory Specs?
  2. Why No 4G?
  3. Why No Apple TV Gaming?
  4. Why No 7-Inch Tablet?
  5. Why No Flash Support?
  6. Why No Display-Resolution Boost?
  7. Why Can't the iPad 2 Be a Phone?
  8. Why Didn't We Get a 128GB Model?
  9. Why No SD Card Slot or USB Ports?
  10. Can the Smart Cover Really Clean the iPad 2's Screen?

I certainly do not see why the "new" iPad deserves a major release. It should have been a minor release from 1.0 to possibly 1.5, certainly not to 2.0.

Helluva joke and simply a business and marketing strategy to earn more money. If Apple can earn so much money, they should start sponsoring global projects like what Microsoft and Google have been doing. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who has been working as long as Microsoft Bill Gates, should pass his executive baton to someone else, retire like Bill Gates and start giving back to the society doing philanthropic work.

Apple iPad 2: 10 Big Questions [via]

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