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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Experience the new Yahoo! Mail Beta

Some features of the new Yahoo! Mail Beta:

  • Speed - Third party tests show that Yahoo! Mail Beta is "2X Faster" than the previous versions of Yahoo! Mail (i.e., New Yahoo! Mail) in Indonesia, United States, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Germany. Exact speed of Yahoo! Mail Beta in Singapore will vary based on internet connection, browser, device, user location, and user action.
  • Spam – We continually improve our advanced spam protection technology to help protect your inbox from unwanted messages.
  • Unlimited Storage – Consistent with Yahoo! Mail terms of service. Learn More.
  • Mobile – Device must have an active internet connection for user to access e-mails.

The "bad" with Yahoo! Mail Beta works best with these browsers is it actually works best on really recent browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3 and newer, Safari 4 and newer, and Chrome 5.

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