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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google patented its doodles

Google's logo doodles that change on a daily basis keep visitors to the search site entertained with informative facts and creative images.

Google's patent application reads:
A system provides a periodically changing story line and/or a special event company logo to entice users to access a web page. For the story line, the system may receive objects that tell a story according to the story line and successively provide the objects on the web page for predetermined or random amounts of time. For the special event company logo, the system may modify a standard company logo for a special event to create a special event logo, associate one or more search terms with the special event logo, and upload the special event logo to the web page. The system may then receive a user selection of the special event logo and provide search results relating to the special event.

It is said that the patent was submitted 10 years ago.

Google Patents Its ‘Doodles’ [via]

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