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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tin Pei Ling speech at People Action Party (PAP) rally for Marine Parade GRC at Marine Parade, 30 Apr


  1. Oh No, she talking nonsense again. Speech prepared for her is as bad as her delivery - oh dear, PAP, why not listen to the people for once, sack this Miss Annoying, and have my vote? From "oh no"

  2. Tin Pei Ling - please quit and save some votes for PAP?PAP will lose many votes if you dont quit. PAP made many mistakes - you are one obvious one at this election. Face it, you just dont have the qualities needed - and unfortuntaley even more exposed with the appearaance of another young lady Nicole Seah who has got the talent, intelligence and charisma which you dont have. Listen to the people - and quit.


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