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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did Apple alter Samsung Galaxy Tab photo to submitted to courts

This photo of a doctored Galaxy Tab 10.1 popped up on Engadget this afternoon. Supposedly, the image comes from a legal filing Apple's lawyers in Europe made against Samsung, claiming the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was designed to copy from the iPad.

But the photo here has obviously been doctored to make the Galaxy Tab look like it has the same screen ratio as the iPad.
Left: Apple iPad VS Right Samsung Galaxy Tab (Doctored)
In reality, the iPad has 4:3 screen ratio and the Galaxy Tab has a longer, 16:10 ratio.
Left: Samsung Galaxy Tab (16:10 ratio) VS Apple iPad (4:3 ratio)
» BUSTED: Did Apple Alter This Galaxy Tab Photo In Its Lawsuit Against Samsung? | Business Insider

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