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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Google Scribe in Blogger

With the shutdown of Google Lab project, there is little doubt that some innovative and useful products will either be shot down or hopefully graduate to become permanent product, services or features of existing Google products.

One such lab project is Google Scribe.
Google Scribe is graduating from Google Labs, and can be found in Blogger in Draft. Learn more in this blog post. You'll also find a number of techniques and lessons from your feedback and use of Google Scribe showing up in other Google products, like Google Docs. Thank You!!
At the moment, Google Scribe is integrated into Blogger in Draft as a Blogger feature. To turn on Google Scribe, simply click on the pencil icon.

After Google Scribe is turned on, suggestions will appear in gray as you type. To accept, simply hit the spacebar or by typing a punctuation mark, such as a comma, period or question mark.

Google Sribe in action
If you prefer to see a list of suggestions instead, select "Show Multiple Suggestions" from the drop-down menu next to the pencil icon.

Google Scribe in action in (multiple suggestions)

Here are some keyboard shortcuts you may find handy. If you use a Mac, you can use the shortcuts below by replacing Ctrl with Command key (or 'Apple' key)

  • Ctrl-J to enable and disable Scribe
  • Ctrl-Shift-J to select and deselect multiple suggestions
  • ESC to temporarily remove a suggestion
  • TAB to restore a suggestion
» Introducing Google Scribe in Blogger | Blogger in Draft

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