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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Presidential Election 2011 voting result

Tony Tan Keng Yam:
744,397 votes (35.19%)
Tan Cheng Bock:
737,128 votes (34.85%)
Tan Jee Say:
529,732 votes (25.04%)
Tan Kin Lian:
103,931 votes (4.91%)

Total valid votes:
Total rejected votes:
Total votes:

Dr Tony Tan became the President-elect winning by the slimmest margin of 0.34% after a recount of votes since the margin is below 2%. Mr Tan Kin Lian vote share of just 4.91% which is below the required minimum 12.5% rule would mean he did not manage to get back his 48,000 deposit.

For overseas votes, 3,376 out of 5,504 Singaporeans cast their votes. The overseas votes will be counted after all overseas ballot boxes are back in Singapore. Under the Presidential Elections Act, overseas votes must arrive at the office of the Returning Officer in Singapore not later than 10 days after Polling Day. Since overseas count is less than the margin between the two frontrunners, they will change the outcome.

If you do not believe in the statistics posted above, you can always listen to Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee official announcement.

All the best to Singapore.

NOTE: Overseas vote result is out. Please go to for the final Presidential Election 2011 Result (Inclusive of overseas vote).

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