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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The New Paper (TNP) said Dr Tony Tan did not violate cooling off day rules

The New Paper (TNP) has replied saying Dr Tony Tan did not violate the cooling off day rules after several netizens asked if an online advertisement of presidential candidate Dr Tony Tan is in breach of rules.

A spokesman for Dr Tan's campaign said they were not in breach of the rules.

She said: "The pop-up advertisements started on Wednesday, 24th August at 10am. According to the rules, this is lawful internet advertising as they were already in place before Cooling Off Day."

While campaigning actitivies are prohibited during Cooling Off Day, the Election Department website states that “lawful Internet advertising that was already published before the eve of Polling Day" are allowed.

To me, this certainly makes sense to me. Advertisement over the web is just like putting up banners and posters on streets. They were put up before the cooling off day and will remain in place on and after cooling off day.

Dr Tony Tan google ad on my blog

» Dr Tony Tan's online ads did not break Cooling Off Day rules | The New Paper

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