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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Direct Download Link for Windows 7 Beta

Though Microsoft has pulled off Windows 7 beta download and temporarily stop giving out the promised 2.5 million licenses, it is still possible to download Windows 7 beta.

Download and get the respective variants of Windows 7 beta as a disk image below. They are the same beta (build 7000) and will run just fine for 30 days without the license key. Do note that the Windows 7 Beta will be only available in one edition, which is roughly equivalent the Ultimate edition of Windows Vista. Also, another important thing to keep in mind is that the Windows 7 Beta will expire on 1st August 2009.

Download the Windows 7 Beta 32-bit version
Download the Windows 7 Beta 64-bit version

If you are still keen on getting a license from Microsoft, continue trying out this download page from TechNet until they resolve the overwhelming demand problem.

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  1. Stupid Microsoft, not even able to get a page with a download link .... only those stupid green loading circle dots .. well how good can the product behind this download method actually be???


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