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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Modules Likely to Ballot For

My part time Master programme in National University of Singapore, School of Computing (SOC), has begun. In proper, the programme I am enrolled into is "Master of Computing", in IT Project Management (ITPM) discipline.

I plan to take a total of 3 modules this semester - 2 from ITPM and 1 from Computer Science as an elective.

ITPM Modules

CS5251 - Integration of IS and Business
CS5259 - Information Technology Outsourcing

Computer Science Modules

CS4244 - Knowledge-Based Systems

My first week in (SOC) as a Master student is excellent. The credentials and industry experience exhibited by the lecturers are simply just too impressive. 2 of the 3 lectures are taught by CIO of Starhub and CIO of NTUC, and the third one is by an experienced professor.

I hope to learn from the lecturers and from the many working professionals in lectures. I do hope time management can be better improved on my side.

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