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Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Crash Hudson River But All Safe After 5 Minutes

A US Airways Airbus A320 made an extraordinary emergency landing in the Hudson River on Thursday after suspected of being hit by a flock of birds. The accident happened just 3 minutes after take-off. ALL 155 passengers including crew members were rescued. None was injured except one with two broken legs.

I learnt of this extraordinary news from TV early this morning. What I saw was incredible! How could an aircraft stay afloat on water for few minutes? Seeing passengers standing on its two wings, waiting for rescue is an unbelievable sight. According to an article from the Los Angeles Times, all were rescued after 5 minutes of crash landing.

Just look at the incredible rescue effort!

The as calm as a cucumber hero is Pilot Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger.

All on US Airways plane are safe -- within 5 minutes of crash landing [via]
Experts credit safe landing to airliner's pilot, crew [via]

More photos here [via]

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  1. At about the two minute mark you can see US Air Flight 1549 skid into the Hudson. Then, you can see the passengers climb out onto the wings. This video is 10 minutes long. Actual video of Flight 1549 skidding into the Hudson.


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