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Saturday, January 10, 2009

New EZLink Card No Deposit Not True

The new EZLink card in circulation now says there will not a deposit. However, there need to have a minimum balance of S$3 for MRT transport. As for bus transport, this S$3 minimum balance is not required but do take note it is the responsibility of commuters to have adequate balance for the bus ride they are taking to avoid unnecessary hassle and embarrassment of paying balance in cash. Isn't this minimum balance requirement equivalent to having a deposit? I thought the original idea was at least better than this one - No balance on screen means top up.

It is understood a total of 8 million EZLink cards are currently in circulation. A minimum balance of S$3 means a total of S$24 million in custody. That is a huge sum of money! I wonder how EZLink or the Singapore government uses our money.

How Stupid Do You Think I Am? No, Seriously... [via]

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