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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Public Transport Operators Mull Possible Fares Reduction

At least for the first time in my memory, I am hearing local public transport operators are considering a possible fares reduction. Details will be made known by end of February. This unexpected positive news came after the Singapore government unveiled an unprecedented $20.5 billion budget.

The government announced in its Budget Statement it is giving a 30 per cent road tax rebate and a special tax waiver for taxis that are not hired out. In my personal opinion, the move by transport operators to reduce fares has to come if not many will be questioning the commitment of SBS Transit and SMRT towards providing national service to public.

I have an article published on Channel News Asia with subject "Public Transport Council to reduce bus and train fares". I find the title of the article incorrect and misleading. I recall an article with the Chairman of the Public Transport Council (PTC) saying it's not within our power to force operators to give concessions and that's up to the operators. PTC can only encourage operators to continue to be generous with transport cuts. So why the title of PTC to reduce bus and train fares this time?

Public Transport Council to reduce bus and train fares [via]

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