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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Dumbest Gadget of CES 2009

PC Magazine reported the dumbest gadget of CES 2009. I agreed with both hands up!

Cell-Mate is the gadget mentioned. It is a piece of metal and Velcro that actually clips your cell phone to your head. It is designed to allow you to answer phone calls (hands-free) without using bluetooth.

From their website, they promote the device as below. I thought it is lame enough and worthy for a post.

Never settle for sub-par reception. Never worry about charging your Bluetooth headset. Never risk your safety trying to sync your headset with your phone while driving. All you have to do is answer your cell phone and place the Cell-Mate on your head.

Enough of this good-not-to-have gadget, these guys even use a free GoDaddy website hosting provider to host their website. including the embedded GoDaddy ads at the top of the page. Web page fail, product fail, lifestyle fail. It is not that expensive nowadays to get a website up "decently". Be professional!

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