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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New EZLink Card Marketing Gimmicks

EZ-Link started issuing the new ez-link cards on 29th December 2008. These new ez-link cards adheres to the new Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Applications (CEPAS) that can be used for LTA’s new e-payment system for public transport.

EZLink markets this new card as
  1. No Deposit Required as compared to the original EZLink card
  2. 1 for 1 exchange for the new card with the old one at NO COST
In my opinion, the marketing strategy used is a gimmick.

Old Card

Deposit Value: $3 (refundable)
Card Value: $5 (non-refundable)

New Card

Minimum Balance: $3 (refundable)
Card Value: $5 (non-refundable)

Minimum Balance of S$3 is required for MRT travel. This minimum balance requirement is not required for bus travel but balance should be enough to cover the trip fare from the point a commuter board the bus to the END of the bus route (even if one wishes to alight earlier). If minimum balance is not enough, no payment will be registered and cash payment has to be made for the travel.

Since a minimum balance is required for new cards, isn't it the same as the deposit value requirement used for previous cards? Since the card value for new card is equal to the old one, of course exchange of cards is free of charge.

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