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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unjustified Jump in Food Prices during Chinese New Year Season

I was completely stumped on Chinese New Year's Eve when I paid for my lunch. I bought economical rice from a stall I hardly visit because the food aren't as nice as tne one I usually frequent. Many stalls were closed for business that day.

I understand and expect food vendors to raise food prices during the Chinese New Year period, however, the economical rice stall decision to increase by $1 is just ridiculous. A $2.60 pack of rice would cost $3.60. I asked them to justify for the more than expected increase and the answer I got was "Chinese New Year".

Chinese New Year is suppose to be an occasion whereby many celebrate. Now, food vendors simply take advantage of this joyous occasion and increase prices to increase profit margin.

If the reason for an increase is boss having to pay extras to workers to work during this period, I understand. But, any increases should be moderated. An increase of 38% for a plate of economical rice is certainly too much.

To add on, I feel a notice of an increase in prices must be clearly displayed to consumers. As for my case, I only knew it when I questioned why the $3.60.

I certainly feel this is unethical and unfair to consumers.


  1. Since our govt decided to raise their own salaries by a whopping percentage in order to curb corruption, many citizens have jumped on the bandwagon and followed the leadership to raise prices left right and centre. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. More good years because this is the golden period. No wonder citibank is buying another luxury jet. The management is simply following their advisor's advice, probably.

  2. Yeara ago when I spent my CNY in Hong Kong, the stalls or restaurants which opened during this period charged an additional 10% or 20% more. I have to pay because I need to eat.

    In additional, I would like to say many still flocked to buy at $48/kg of bbq pork knowing the price has been hiked. So who is happier?


  3. Yes, I agree the statement "Unjustified Jump in Food Prices during Chinese New Year Season" is more of subjective then objective. It depends on how you view it.

    $48/kg BBQ pork is definitely overpriced. That's the reason why I always buy from CNY bazaars in my company if possible.


  4. Well, if you stock up some canned food before CNY, u would not need to pay for expensive hawker food during CNY.


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