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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unable to Download Windows 7 Beta

Download link for Windows 7 Beta is out. However, there is just no way to download Windows 7 Beta with my PDA. It's just too bad my laptop is not with me.

Will I still stand a chance when I finally get hold of my laptop which is in more than 8 hours time? My guess is chances are slim and 2.5 million downloads could all have already been taken.


  1. Pffft... it uses some messed up download manager. Did not work in firefox, and i could not even get it to run in an updated IE7 - after accepting whatever ActiveX shit it threw at me... What's the trouble with providing an alternate (normal) download link or a torrent?

    Eventually I came across a direct download link that seems to work:

    The best would be to download a torrent tho...

  2. I actually has a post on downloading Windows 7 beta directly.

    Direct Download Link for Windows 7 Beta



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