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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Man who lost S$26m in three days at RWS simply deserve it!

For the past many days, news on a local businessman who lost S$26m in three days early June at Resort World Sentosa (RWS) casino were reported as headlines. Mr Henry Quek, the managing director and chief of of a major seafood distributor - Far Ocean Sea Products, was said to have played baccarat at S$400,000 per hand. He had since paid RWS S$10m.

Yes, the casino operator might be in the wrong too for increasing his credit line several times from initial S$500K many times and eventually to a staggering S$2m (4 times) after he losing millions. Now, the gambler is suing RWS for negligence and promoting irresponsible gambling.

C'mon! If you Mr Quek had a smaller ego, then you wouldn't have placed such huge bets. If not for your ego, then you would have gone home counting loses. What if you won millions out of RWS? Would you have sued RWS? Sue RWS because you lose money is laughable!

Please adhere to Gambling Rules.

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