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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mobile Browser Comparison: Windows Phone 7 vs. iPhone 4.0 vs. Android 2.2

PocketNow uploaded a video to demonstrate the comparison among Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 running its mobile version of Internet Explorer against Google's Android 2.2 and iPhone 4.0. The smartphone site reiterated that Windows Phone 7 software is still a work in progress and what was shown was not representative until the OS is completed.

From the 10 minutes demonstration, the browser of Windows Phone 7 seems to be on the right track, proving worthy browsing experience. One rather unique feature of Windows Phone 7 mobile browser is its tab management. Tab management is super quick and it allows opening of multiple tabs with websites loading in the background simultaneously. Websites' load times are competitive with other top smartphone browsers.

The video demonstration also showed some of the shortcomings of both iPhone 4.0 and Android 2.2.

Exclusive: Windows Phone 7 Web Browser Comparison (Video) [via]

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