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Friday, August 13, 2010

National Service, reality TV-style

cyberpioneerTV, the e-outreach arm by the Ministry of Defence, has uploaded videos on YouTube showing what's Singapore's National Service is like. The video series come in 18-parts and 6 out of the 18 are reported to have already been uploaded onto YouTube. I found only 5.

This is a MUST-SEE for Singaporeans sons who are waiting for their National Service enlistment. For those who have already completed their mandatory two-year National Service in the army, watching them will surely bring back memories.

Every Singaporean Son (Episode 1: My Buddy)

Every Singaporean Son (Episode 2: Where I Stand)

Every Singaporean Son (Episode 3: Strip)

Every Singaporean Son (Episode 4: R & R - Run & Rehab)

Every Singaporean Son (Episode 5: How Far?)

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