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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Popular food blogger ladyironchef has spoken - The "Truth"

Just yesterday, popular food blogger, Brad Lau, who owns food blog ladyironchef, who had refused to pay the full cost of his 4-persons meal after a visit to Private Affairs, an exclusive eatery in Joo Chiat, for their Sunday Brunch promotion. The blogger finally relented after getting a discount from $435 to $159. The blogger was reported to have argued and said "I never pay for food in any restaurant". Upset over the outcome, the blogger threw his credit card onto the bar counter in front of the cashier before storming out.

Today, Brad Lau made a post on his blog titled The Truth about this Singapore Food Blog in defence of himself. He described the entire saga a "case of miscommunication". Lau admitted his hostility when presented the bill and had apologised for tossing his credit card. He made clear that he always pay for his meals just like any other regular customers.

In response to his asking for waiver, he wrote
This was an invitation to a food-tasting session. There is no hard and fast rule stating a plus one for a food tasting. However having attended previous food tastings before, I assumed that the meal would be, at the very least, on the house for myself and one dining partner. I was not expected to be billed for and then “waived” off from what was disguised as a “food tasting session”. When questioned, Melanie then cited this to be in-line with ‘industry standards’ of food tasting sessions: that the restaurant would only pay for my +1.

I just detest people with attitude problem! Condemned!

The Truth about this Singapore Food Blog [via]

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