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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Riots in Tottenham and London

The country has gone crazy. There are looters going around shopping areas smashing windows and stealing. They are setting fire to cars and buildings. They shut down stratford today. This is where all of the Olympic buildings are. It is mostly young people now just causing trouble.

How it started? A man was shot by the police on Thursday in Tottenham. It has gone to the Independent Commission for investigation. They said he had a gun and shot at the police and then he got shot. Others say he didn't and it became a bit of a race issue. However, the riots started out of a peaceful demonstration by his family and friends outside of the police station because they weren't getting any answers. They weren't involved and have separated themselves from the violence. That is it. It just moved around London for no reason. They are blaming the economy/police/racism etc. But the bottom line is that large groups of youths are moving around rioting and doing all this!

» Tottenham riots: a peaceful protest, then suddenly all hell broke loose | Guardian News
» London riots: Timeline and map of violence | BBC News

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